Carpet vs. Hardwood: How Does Carpet Compare to Hardwood?

Have you been wondering why you should use a specific type of carpet or hardwood, or when it makes sense to use one over the other?   This is an important question that you should evaluate when deciding on new floors for your home or office space.  You should understand how carpet compares to hardwood and what are the advantages and disadvantages of both.  Here is a quick overview of carpet and a comparison to help you make the right decision:


carpet vs. hardwoodCarpet is a great option for high traffic areas and family spaces in your home where you want to create warmth and comfort.  In addition, carpet is a quiet option that helps with sound reduction in your home, and it also insulates well, staying relatively warm compared to other flooring materials.  For these reasons, carpet is a great option for family spaces in your home.  Here are facts about carpet to help you make the best decision:

Carpet can be made from natural materials or synthetic materials like nylon or polyester.  The material the carpet is made from will determine the characteristics of your floor.  We at Carolina Flooring understand the unique differences between these materials, and can show you what works best given your goals and space.

In addition to the material fiber, carpet can come with stain resistance finishes, which can be ideal for homes with children and pets.  Finishing can have various effects on the carpet depending on when the treatment is administered.

When it comes to most homes, nothing can beat the soft, smooth feel of carpet.  It also adds warmth underfoot and reduces sound.  When you are looking into carpet, make sure you ask about padding, which is almost as important as the carpet itself.  Installing the right padding can make a world of difference for how your carpet feels and performs for the long term.  Different carpet materials require different types of padding, and it is a good idea to ask about the differences.

Carpet vs. Hardwood

So what do you get from carpet that don’t get from hardwood? What are the specific advantages of carpet flooring compared to other types of flooring?

What Are The Advantages of Carpet?

  • Carpet provides comfort underfoot that can be important for those of you that are on your feet all day
  • It also provides cushion in the event of falls or slips and is great for the young or elderly
  • Carpet helps to naturally insulate your home or office

What Are The Disadvantages of Carpet?

One of the main disadvantages to carpet is that it can soil quite easily compared to other flooring types.  You should also ask your flooring company about ways to protect against staining and ways you can take care of your carpet to ensure it lasts a lifetime.  We can help you understand how to incorporate a flooring maintenance program to keep your carpet in great shape.   In addition, carpet can retain particles in the fibers, unlike hardwood flooring, which means you need to have the proper cleaning equipment and vacuum to have it cleaned thoroughly.

How to Maintain Carpet and Keep it Clean! 

When you are looking at carpet vs hardwood, you should understand how to maintain each type of floor.  To keep your investment in top shape, make sure you put rugs down at the entrances to your home.  Here are some other ways to maintain your carpet:

  • Keep a maintenance and cleaning schedule to reduce allergens and staining
  • First, understand traffic in your home or office and make sure you develop a plan to protect the high traffic areas

What About Hardwood?  What Are The Advantages of Hardwood Flooring?

Hardwood flooring can provide a rich, timeless feel and truly enhance the beauty of your home or office.  Here are some of the advantages traditionally associated with hardwood flooring:

  • You can often refinish or sand down your wood rather than having to replace the flooring completely which can help you save money
  • Hardwoods do not collect particles, dust, and allergens like carpet

Disadvantages of Hardwood Floors 

  • If you live in Charleston, you will know it can get quite humid here.  Wood has the tendency to expand during periods of high humidity and moisture, and if you don’t have a quality installation, your floors will begin to show it
  • Wood floors can also fade or splinter depending on the environment of your home or office.

It is important that you have a proper cleaning regimen and maintenance plan to take care of your floors.  You honestly cannot go wrong with carpet or hardwoods, but you should understand the distinctions ahead of time to ensure you make the right decision.

Also, installation is the key to a great floor and you should remember to consult an expert.  We at Carolina Flooring Services strive to provide the best quality of customer service and installation from start to finish.

How to Maintain Your Hardwood Floors! 

When you purchase your hardwood floors, you may think they are easy to maintain and keep clean.  This can be true, but you should understand that damage from humidity can mean a significant investment to repair.  Here is a list of tips to help you maintain your hardwood floors:

  • Clean up spills and water as soon as they hit the floor
  • Make sure to vacuum on a regular basis to prevent accumulation and scratching or lasting damage
  • Invest in the right hardwood floor cleaners and equipment.  This depends on the type of hardwood and the finish, so make sure you give us a call beforehand
  • Think twice before using water and soap to clean your floors, make sure you consult us about what products work best for your flooring

Also, if you want specific tips on how to clean up hard to remove spots on your floors or how to keep your floor looking polished and brand new, give us a call as soon as you can.  We can give you specific tips you can use time and again to protect and maintain your hardwood floors for as long as possible.


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