Are Slate and Stone Floors Worth it?

slate and stoneSlate and stone floors are one of the most timeless and elegant floor coverings available today.  They also happen to be one of the most durable and long lasting floor coverings you can buy.  A lot of stone’s elegant connotation comes from seeing stone flooring in much older homes where the flooring has lasted for years and years and continues to give the home a classic look.  Slate and Stone also have the ability to give your home a particular look and feel that can be hard to get any other way.  Having the right flooring to create the exact look and feel you want in your home will always be worth it.

In an entry way to your home, having stone can help your guests feel both honored and welcomed and will give your home that luxurious and impressive feel.  For entry ways, slate is a great option as it is one of the best stones for hiding dirt and dust, which can be abundant near a doorway.  This will give your home a clean and organized feel even if you haven’t had time to recently!  Slate also has excellent wear properties and, if it is a high quality slate, can almost waterproof.  Slate will help your entryway be the perfect transition from outdoors to indoors and will help your home feel more rustic or classic.  If you desire an elegant touch to your entry way consider using brighter or high gloss stone flooring like marble, granite or limestone.  These smooth and glossy stone floors can help your entry way stay bright and elegant.  These stones can come in large sheets, exciting designs and patterns, or standard size tiles that can be laid easily.  When deciding on a type of stone for your entry way you need to consider color, texture, and the shape and pattern of the room.  To get some ideas on how stone could look in your entry way check out this article with photos of stone floor entry ways.

stone and slateThe other room in your home you may consider using stone flooring is in your kitchen.  The kitchen is a room you spend a lot of time in.  It’s both the place you start your day, and finish your day.  The kitchen is often the gathering place for friends before dinner, and after dessert.  Your kitchen serves as an office, a food prep space and a place to do homework.  All these functions of your kitchen can make it difficult to decorate it, but choosing a flooring doesn’t have to be hard.  Slate and stone floors can be both functional and beautiful.  They can bring a rustic charm to your kitchen while being easy to clean, comfortable to walk on and will outlast your cabinets and appliances.  Which stone you choose to use to cover you kitchen floor is a decision best made after looking at each option.  Some stone, like low quality slate or marble, are porous and may absorb water and can be chipped if heavy items are dropped on them.  Other stones, like granite or travertine, are harder and come in a wide variety of colors but will bring a fancier look to your kitchen rather than a rustic look.  For a quick description of the most common stones used for kitchen floors, you can read this guide to stone flooring.

Stone will bring a specific look to your home like no other floor covering can and will be well worth the investment.  When you are ready to start choosing which stone to use in your home head down to Carolina Flooring Services’ show room to help you choose the colors and styles you like best.  For a quick guide to the stone and tile we offer, visit the slate and stone page on our website.

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