How to Choose the Perfect Carpet for Your Home – Residential Flooring  

residential flooring

Hardwood flooring, stone, and laminate are all great choices for residential flooring, but when it comes to areas like bedrooms and cozier living areas, carpet is king.

So, how do you know which type of carpet to choose for your space? Read these 3 tips to find out.

  1. Determine the aesthetic purpose of the carpet you are choosing.

Do you want your carpet to be a focal piece, or do you want it to blend into the background? Do you want each room to have a unique look, or are you preferring a carpet that helps the look and feel of the house to flow together well? If you desire more of a focal point with your carpet, choose darker, bolder colors. Lighter, neutral colors look better when trying to balance carpeting throughout larger portions of the home. Keep in mind, though, that more neutral and light carpeting colors allow spills to show more obviously.

  1. Understand the maintenance required for your carpet of choice.

Different textures and carpeting types require different levels and types of maintenance. For instance, carpeting made from primarily nylon fibers is more durable and easier to clean than shag carpeting. The look and feel of shag carpeting may be more desirable, but if you’re choosing carpeting for a high traffic residential flooring space, you may want to consider something that can be more easily maintained.

  1. Be sure to choose the proper padding for your residential flooring.

You may be tempted to skimp on the padding for your carpet, but doing so will cause issues in both the short and long term. Short term, your carpet may not install as smoothly or be as comfortable to walk on as proper padding ensures that subfloor imperfections are concealed and also allows for cushioning beneath the feet.

As is the case with almost any decision, choosing the proper carpet for your home is not as easy as it may seem. If you need additional assistance choosing the right residential flooring for you, be sure to contact the team at Carolina Flooring Services. We are happy to help you make a choice you will love for years to come.

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