Considerations When Choosing Carpet Floor Covering

Considerations When Choosing Carpet Floor CoveringThere are several considerations when choosing a flooring material for your home. First, you want to consider the uses you plan for the various rooms. Then, you want to consider the feel you would like in each room. Finally, consider the special needs of your family. All of these things will need to be taken into account as you select carpet floor covering for your home.

Uses of the room(s)

  • Consider traffic patterns. Is this a room with a lot of foot traffic? Will you be entertaining here?  Some types of carpet hold up to a lot of traffic better than others.
  • Is this an area that is prone to water leaks and spills such as a kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, entrance to the home, or dining area?
  • Will pets be in this room frequently?  This will require more frequent cleaning.  Also, some types of carpet may allow a pet to snag them.
  • Will you often be barefoot here such as in a bedroom?  Do you prefer a softer and warmer surface?  Carpet fits the bill.

What is the feel you would like to have in this room?

  • Do you want a warm feeling as you walk on the floor or do you prefer a cool floor? This could depend on the season, as most like cool floors in summer or hot climates and warmth in the winter months or colder climates.
  • What style do you prefer in this room? Do you prefer the look of various types of carpet over harder surfaces?
  • Do you prefer more color or a pattern on the floor?

What are the special needs of your family?

  • Do you have allergies or chemical sensitivities? Carpet does come in hypoallergenic fibers, but it also tends to hold allergens such as dust mites, pests, dirt, germs, and other allergens more than hard flooring options, and will require more frequent cleaning.
  • You can find carpets that are more eco and health friendly as well. Allowing carpet to air out at the warehouse before installation can help to let any lingering VOCs (volatile organic compounds) to escape before coming to your home. Use low VOC adhesives if not using padding, and use felt padding instead of foam.
  • Do you have pets or children? You may like the softer surface of carpet for each of these, but you also may find carpet will present more challenging cleaning needs due to spills, pet accidents, etc.
  • Do you have individuals in the home who have mobility issues? What type of flooring will yield the most stability for them? Carpet is soft and non-slip. You can choose a carpet with a low pile to accommodate a wheel chair as well.

What type of carpet would you like?

  • Type of fiber. There are several types of synthetic fibers and natural fibers to choose from. Synthetic fibers such as nylon, polyester, and polypropylene, are hypoallergenic, soft, easy to clean, resist stains and moisture, and come in a variety of colors. Some can be made from recycled plastic bottles, making them very eco-friendly as well. Wool is one type of natural fiber that is very beautiful and long lasting and actually creates the softest carpet of all. However, a lower grade wool carpet stains easily and a higher grade can be very expensive. Some manufacturers blend synthetic fibers with the wool to gain the benefits of each.
  • Type of pile. A carpet is created by looping yarn through a backing material. These loops can be left intact or cut in various ways. The way the loop is treated creates the carpet pile. Uncut loops create a durable surface that does not show footprints, but it is less soft. Other types of pile that are cut in various ways create a softer surface, but some are more resistant to traffic and stains than others.

So, in short, as you make carpet flooring choices, consider the use of the room and the feel you want to achieve and also consider how prone the area is to spills, stains, and accidents. As you consider these things, you should know that there is a carpet that can speak to just about any need you have. You can find carpet to suit a high traffic area, that resists stains and moisture, and is easier to keep clean. For allergy issues, you can use a special filter on your vacuum cleaner and also have your carpets steam cleaned regularly. There are even ways to remove gum and melted wax from carpet. So, if carpet is your desire, you can make some good carpet flooring choices that will suit almost any needs you have. If you are trying to navigate decisions about carpeting, consider consulting with Carolina Flooring. Their experts can help you find the best carpet flooring choice for your home. Contact them today by clicking here.

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