What is the Best Type of Carpet to Buy?

What is the Best Type of Carpet to Buy?
Best Types of Carpet to Buy Carpet is great material for the home. Not only will it provide warm comfort on those chilly mornings, but it is also a key piece in any type of home decor. There are a variety of carpet choices on the market, and choosing the one that is right for you will take sometime and consideration.  When you are looking for the best type of carpet to buy, you should remember that it really depends on the look and feel you want as well as the overall function.  Here are some of the top types available:

This is the most common type of flooring available. The reason is that Saxony resists crushing and wear better than its competitors. It is made with a cut and pile technique to maintain its shape. Saxony also comes in a textured version, which is great for bedrooms, dens and family rooms. It will show footprints and vacuum marks, but it stays soft under your feet.

Frieze is also a cut and pile type of flooring, but it is highly twisted to resist crushing. Frieze is a perfect option for those high traffic areas of the home, including the living room and hallways. This type of flooring will also show less footprints and marks.

If you want the fell of luxury in your home without spending a ton of money, Berber can be a great option. It is a level loop type instead of cut and pile. This makes it much more durable when placed in high traffic areas of the home. It is made from a thicker yarn.

Multi-Level Loop
The multi-level loop resembles Berber, though the only difference is that multi-level loop flooring has various levels of loops. This gives the flooring much more texture and a random look with the texture. Because of the random pattern, it is also great for high traffic areas.

Remember that color is also important. High traffic areas tend to get dirty, while bedrooms and dens usually get spared from this. Lighter colors can be place anywhere in the home, but you will have to maintain it by getting regular professional cleaning to keep it looking like new. A combination of color and texture will give you the perfect option for any room in your home.

If you are ready to get your favorite floor covering, a Charleston carpet company will be able to provide you with the selection you need. Charleston floor professionals will also be able to install the floor covering that is perfect for your home to make it feel comfortable and completely your own style.


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