3 Quick Tips for Keeping Your Carpets Cleaned During the Holidays!

3 Tips for Keeping Your Carpet Clean
carpet cleaning tipsCarpets endure extreme amounts of wear and tear on a daily basis, and the holidays present a unique challenge.   The regular use causes this flooring to become exceptionally dirty. Understanding how to properly clean your floor will keep it looking great and extend its life. Here are a few tips to keep your floor clean.

Regular vacuuming will do wonders to help maintain a clean floor and can even imp rove the air quality in the house. Vacuum after you dust the room. Doing this will make sure that you remove as much dust and dirt from the floors as possible. Make it a point to clean the floor as soon as something is dropped on it. Removing dirt is easier when it is still on the carpet’s surface. If you use a vacuum cleaner that has a bag, avoid using the bag if it is more than half full. Vacuum at least once a week, more often in heavy-traffic areas.Spills can ruin the look of your floors. Make sure to clean up any spills as soon as they occur. This will increase the chances of preventing a stain. Use a towel and blot the stain to remove as much of the spill as possible. Cleaning solutions are very effective at removing attains. However, it is a good idea to spot test the solution to make sure it does not cause damage. To remove the stain, use circular motions moving from the outside of the stain inwards. If the stain is significant, you may want to consult a floor cleaning company in Charleston.

The best ways to keep a floor clean is to take preventative action. Place door mats at all of your home’s entrances. A stiff-bristled mat will remove all dirt from the bottom of shoes. Walking around the house without shoes can also reduce the amount of wear and tear. Clean your air system’s filters periodically. Doing this will help to reduce the amount of dust that ends up on the floor. Have your floors professionally cleaned once a year.

Following these carpet cleaning tips will help you keep your floors clean. A regular cleaning routine is a great way to prolong the life and beauty of the floors. If you need cleaning assistance, contact your local Charleston floor cleaning company.

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