11 Reasons Why Carpet Is Still A Great Choice For Your Home


Today’s carpet is better than ever.

Over the last several years, as laminate flooring has become more and more popular, carpet has often been ignored or skipped over by those shopping for residential flooring. But today’s carpet is better than ever, offering a lot of different design elements and features that deserve your attention.

The bottom line is that carpet is still an excellent choice for the home, and those looking for residential flooring owe it to themselves and their homes to take a closer look at what it has to offer. There are numerous reasons that carpet is a great choice. Here are some of the main ones.

  1. Added Comfort – The simple fact is that carpet is more comfortable to walk, sit, or play on than tile or wood floors. There’s something to be said for the softness of carpet under your feet and the feel of a little bit of cushioning in your step, and only carpet can provide that to your floors.
  1. Safety – That softness has a big influence on the safety of your home, too. This is primarily a concern for those with young children. A fall can be much more serious when it’s onto tile, stone, or wood. The padding that is underneath carpet helps keep your little ones a bit safer.
  1. Luxurious Ambiance – Today’s carpet can help make you feel as though you’re in a luxurious hotel or getaway. The rich colors and weaves can help add a lot to a room. If you want to feel like you’re able to settle into a room and truly relax, carpet is something that can help make it incredibly easy to do.
  1. Extra Insulation – Carpet helps to add an extra layer of insulation to your floors. This can help lower overall heating or cooling bills to some degree. However, it can also help increase the enjoyment of actually walking from room to room. Anyone who has ever woken up on a chilly Charleston morning and put their bare feet on tile flooring knows that it can be a jolt. Carpet lets you keep your feet warm.
  1. More Durable Than Ever – Modern carpet is made to much higher standards, and is more durable than ever before. Whether you get thick carpet or thin, low-texture options, it is designed to stand up to plenty of use. That’s why most if it comes with long warranties – and why it’s a solid investment worth making.
  1. Allergy Friendly Options – Those with allergies have often avoided carpet because of its tendency to attract and hold allergens, releasing them back into the air when walked across. But there are numerous allergy friendly options available today that allow homeowners to get the residential flooring that they really want, even if they have allergy related issues.
  1. Reduced Noise Issues – Hardwood or tile flooring can create two main noise related problems. The first is the sound of footsteps, especially in hard-soled shoes. The second is a more ‘echo’ type of room, with poor acoustics. Carpet eliminates both of these issues and makes it easier to relax and enjoy every aspect of your home – including the aural.
  1. Easy To Maintain – Carpet used to be hard to clean, too. Its reputation for soaking up stains and holding onto dirt just isn’t true anymore, however. Modern carpet is designed to be easy to clean. And instead of a huge amount of time spent sweeping, then mopping, only to have dirt show right back up – something common with hardwood or tile – you can just run a vacuum cleaner over your carpet and be done with the cleaning process.
  1. Affordability – There is no question that carpet has been and remains the most affordable option for those who are looking for residential flooring. No other type of flooring can offer as much variety in terms of color and style while still remaining fairly affordable to homeowners.
  1. Variety – Speaking of variety, today’s carpet selections are more impressive than ever before. You can find virtually any color you want along with patterned carpet to really add something special to a room. And the different textures, thicknesses, and styles all mean that carpet lets you truly customize every room of the home.
  1. Easy Installation – Carpet installation is also a straightforward process. Once the furniture is out of a room, it takes professional installers just a few quick minutes to install. Compare that to a days-long process of putting down other flooring types, and it’s easy to see that if you want fast and painless installation, there’s no better option out there.

The bottom line is simple – those looking for a familiar but comfortable flooring option that offers a lot to love with a lower cost will certainly want to take a look at what carpet can provide to them. It’s worth giving attention to again.



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