Flooring Transition Ideas

flooring transition ideasWhen thinking about flooring, you usually think about one type for the main area of your house, and another for your bedrooms. Sometimes, we get crazy and put in a third type of flooring, like in the bathroom. We at Carolina Flooring want you to take everything that you think about flooring transitions and throw it out the window. When you think about flooring transition ideas, you can really let your mind wander and really create anything, as long as you have the budget for it. Here are some great tips for how to create a seamless transition between two types of flooring that will make sense in any home, as well as letting your creativity and personality shine.

To begin, lets get into some places where a transition may happen. The first is the entryway. This is a typical place where there are two different types of flooring, as well as a logical place where one can start and another can end. In some open floor plan houses, the entryway may not be defined very well and can be confusing on what exactly the space is; here you can use flooring to define the space. One flooring transition idea for this area is to use a similar wood or color. An example would be if you were using a dark or black hard wood, you could use large ceramic tiles of the same color on just the entryway. Different flooring can also be used for the rest of your open floor plan style house. You can use it to break up your house into rooms to make it cohesive and flow. The only warning is that it needs to make sense so your floor doesn’t look too chopped up.

Another common place where flooring can transition is the kitchen. There are a lot of reasons why this would happen. The first is for aesthetic reasons, another is practical. It isn’t practical to have hardwood in an area where food, cooking, and the majority of our life happens. Luckily, there is usually a logical place for the flooring to transition. Some flooring transition ideas for the kitchen could be using a ceramic tile, transitioning from hard wood or carpet. Another example would be putting the kitchen flooring in only a small spot, like from in front of the stove to the refrigerator to the sink. This is a great idea to make your home more user-friendly. Another area where there is a flooring transition is the bathroom. There can be a lot of flooring transition ideas for this space. One family made a splash zone around the tub for their kids. Most of the bathroom was in a hard wood and the splash zone had a small stone inlay which worked perfectly with not only the style of the house, but the function for their family.

When there isn’t a clear space, most homeowners follow a wall as a guideline for where to put their flooring. Other times, there really isn’t a logical place for one flooring to end and another to begin, so you can play with ideas that would work with the space. For example, a home had to transition from hardwood to a small stone but did not have a very clear cut way to do it. They loved the ocean so they used this to make a play on that where the two floors were installed in a wave pattern to mimic the sea and the land. Some families like to use elevation to transition the flooring. You can use similar wood styles to make things look similar but not exactly match.

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