Ceramic Tile Flooring Ideas for Your Bathroom Remodel

Ceramic Tile Flooring Ideas for Your Bathroom RemodelCeramic tile is a super choice for bathrooms because it is water resistant, highly durable, possible to install yourself, comes in a wide variety of colors, and is very affordable. It is also easy to clean and doesn’t harbor germs, which is important for bathrooms. Ceramic tile is so durable that intact tiles are still in great shape in the ancient ruins of Rome and Egypt. While you may not be concerned if your tile lasts for thousands of years, you can be sure it will outlive you and the generations to come. If you are doing a bathroom remodel, these ceramic tile flooring ideas will offer you another great choice. Because of its durability and timeless appeal, ceramic tile flooring will increase your home’s resale value.

Ceramic tiles are made from layers of thin slabs of clay or other inorganic material and then hard baked and coated with a glaze. They come in varying degrees of hardness rated from zero to five. Zero through two is good for walls and back splashes, three is good for most residential uses and four and five are durable enough for commercial applications. Ceramic tile is great for people with allergies or sensitivities as it does not harbor allergens and is non-toxic, as long as the grout used is also non-toxic.

If you have a radiant floor heating system, which is especially nice in a bathroom, ceramic tile is the best surface for your floor. More homes are installing such systems today. Again, another way to increase your home’s resale value. It is so easy to maintain! Just vacuum or dust most of the time, unless something is spilled, and you can periodically damp mop, use a cleaning agent approved for your floor, or use a little vinegar in warm water. It is great for homes with pets and children.

Ceramic tile is beautiful and comes in many patterns and colors. It is as beautiful as stone but much more affordable. As you design your bathroom remodel, you will have no shortage of ceramic tile flooring ideas that are sure to suit any style. You can use larger tiles, or smaller. Choose a pattern, or color that complements the rest of the room or go with a more neutral look. There is even ceramic tile that looks like wood!! The sky is the limit!

Here is a list of considerations when looking at ceramic tile flooring ideas for your bathroom remodel:

  • Abrasion Resistance: The PEI rating or the degree to which a tile’s glaze will withstand the wear of foot traffic

  • Breaking Strength: The degree to which a tile will withstand breaking stress

  • Mohs scale scratch test: To determine how easily the tile scratches

  • Shape and dimension

  • Visual inspection

  • Water absorption

  • Bond strength

  • Chemical resistance

  • Crazing (resistance to cracking)

  • Freeze or thaw resistance

  • Impact resistance

  • Acid resistance

  • Water penetration through glaze

  • Cleanability

  • Marking resistance to metals

Of these factors, the three most important are the PEI rating, the water absorption, and the glaze hardness (Mohs scratch test). Additionally, one should observe:

  • if the tile edges are square or warped

  • if the surface texture is consistent

  • if the tiles are of the same size and the coloring runs consistently.

Wondering if you should choose ceramic or porcelain? Porcelain tiles are harder, resist breaking, scratches and stains very well and are less porous and therefore more water resistant. However, porcelain is also more expensive. For residential use in an indoor bathroom, ceramic tile should meet your needs and perform just as well.

So, to summarize, the benefits of ceramic tile flooring for your bathroom remodel are these:

  • Durability Ceramic surfaces have a relatively longer life if compared to most of the other materials used for floor and wall covering.

  • Fire resistance. Ceramic tiles do not burn or give off smoke or toxic fumes

  • Moisture resistance. Ceramic tiles are ideal for wet areas if properly installed and grouted. Some types may even be impervious to water.

  • Resistance to abrasion and tread wear. They are tough enough for commercial uses so imagine how strong they are in your bathroom at home!

  • Slip resistant. Ceramic tiles are treated to prevent slipping in several ways. An abrasive grit may be added to the glaze, or the surface may be textured.

  • Frost resistance. Ceramic tiles are resistant to frost but this only applies to exterior uses.

  • Temperature stability. Ceramic tiles are resistant to temperatures in general and will not deform or break under extreme conditions

  • Stain resistant. You need only sweep, vacuum, and wash regularly with water.

  • Chemical resistance

  • Color fast. Ceramic tiles will not fade or change in sunlight or with age

  • Hygiene: Ceramic tiles are easy to clean and do not harbor germs, making them perfect for bathrooms.

So, as you consider the choices in flooring, you may want to give these ceramic tile flooring ideas some serious consideration for your bathroom remodel. The best place to inquire is at Carolina Flooring. These folks know all about the many options that are available and can assist you in choosing what will suit your home the best and can then help you get the floor installed quickly.     http://carolinaflooringservices.com/contact/

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