Bathroom Flooring Options for Your Master Suite

Master Bath floorsWhether you are building a home from scratch, working on remodeling your bathroom, or simply need to put in some new floors, there is a surprising variety of bathroom flooring options available for your master suite.  Depending on your budget your style, we can help you find the right flooring for your bathroom that will help it feel cozy and classy.

Choosing the right floor for your bathroom is a very important decision.  The bathroom is one of the areas in your home where you will walk barefoot the most, so having the right floor under your feet is important for your comfort.  You also need to choose a floor that will stand up to the daily traffic and humidity of a bathroom and be able to withstand some standing water from puddles and drips without become stained or damaged.  Here are some of the best options available today!

Tile:  Tile flooring is a timeless choice for your master suite bathroom floor.  Tile has been used for years and years and will likely not go out of style creating long lasting beauty for your bathroom.  Carolina Flooring has a wide variety of stone and tile flooring options that can create any mood or color combination.  With tile or stone flooring you also have the availability of creating custom patterns or designs using different shaped or color tiles that fit your personality.  Properly installed tile that has been grouted and sealed will create a beautiful appearance that will last for years and years with very little maintenance.

Bathroom Floor Wood:  If you are looking for a wood floor option for your bathroom consider choosing bamboo or cork flooring.  Cork is harvested from cork oak trees that are immediately replanted after being harvested and bamboo is known as one of the quickest growing plants in the world.  This make both cork and bamboo very sustainable resources and consequently surprisingly inexpensive.  Both woods can be finished to the colors you desire and to be water resistant and very durable.  They both also feel wonderful under your bare feet!

Vinyl:  Vinyl floors can create a great finish to your master suite while helping you meet your budget.  Vinyl flooring is often less expensive than tile or wood, but can be created to look almost identical.  Vinyl also comes in a wide variety of colors, designs and patterns to give the perfect look to your bathroom.  Vinyl also is easy to install even in an existing space and wears extremely well.  For a great lasting look on a budget, consider installing vinyl flooring

Laminate:  Laminate flooring can give your bathroom the high quality look of slate or stone while only being a fraction of the cost.  Laminate flooring comes in a wide variety of colors and styles which allows you to make your bathroom look exactly as your would like it too. Laminate flooring is also easy to install and will wear incredibly well.  We will even provide you with a step by step guide to caring for your new laminate floor.

For your new, or “new to you” master bathroom Carolina Flooring has the best bathroom flooring options available for you.  Let us help you chose the right floor and install it correctly so you can enjoy it for years to come!

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